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Voice Lesson 1: Mike

Vocalogical is back with our first voice lesson! Mike, who joined us on Wednesday for an interview, sings with us as we discuss many important concepts for singing health and technique. Volume, vowels, and extending range are only a few topics we dove into! Mike also offers his own feedback on the exercises we use and how he feels while vocalizing through them. 

Missed the interview with Mike? Go back an episode and enjoy! 

We'll be back on Wednesday to dig deep into vocal fry, which has proved to be a controversial topic for voice technique. Our next voice lesson will be released two weeks from now! 

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Contact Vocalogical at and find us on Twitter @vocalogicalpod. 

Happy Listening!

*My pupper, Fiona, makes a brief appearance at the end of the episode. She wanted to vocalize with us, which was sweet, but unfortunately, as it distracts from the singing itself, she won't be making another appearance.*

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