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Tone of voice has a huge impact on how others perceive what we say! Albert Mehrabian and his studies help us understand how our voices affect the meaning of our words. 

A dramatic reading of a Shakespeare monologue and a couple of fun speech exercises takes us on a journey to greater control of our tone with both singing and speaking. 

Sources: Mehrabian, A. and Wiener, M. (1967). Decoding of inconsistent communications, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

Mehrabian, A., and Ferris, S.R. (1967), Inference of Attitudes from Nonverbal Communication in Two Channels, Journal of Consulting Psychology


What Voice Type Am I?

Today, Vocalogical answers the age old question: “What voice type am I?” Singers are plagued with this question frequently, and it could lead to more harm than good. Here’s a great way to answer this in a way that’s clear, concise, and sure to put your mind and voice at ease!

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Here’s a long list of tons of different voice types:



Accents are all around us! Kevin Terwin and Carolyn Becker joins Vocalogical to discuss accents, origins of them, and how it applies to speech, singing, and performing. Fun is to be had along the way as this trio talks, smiles, and laughs their way through this fascinating topic.

Kevin brought up the International Dialects of English Archive, which can be found here: 

This is a perfect resource for those wanting to hear other accents speak through English text! It’s great for learning and experiencing the sounds of cultures around the world.

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Vocalogical busts its first myth!

Babies can scream for hours on end without seemingly damaging their voices. This led to many claims that newborns have flawless technique and instinctively understand how to vocalize properly. This isn’t quite true, and Vocalogical digs into the how and why such loud sounds can come out of such a small child!

As a bonus, we compare a lion roar to a baby cry, and they aren’t as different as you may think.




Vocal Fatigue

Take a deeper look into vocal fatigue, the what, the how, the why, and how to prevent it! Learn tips and tricks to keep your voice happy and healthy as you speak, sing, work, and play your way through the week.

Next week, Vocalogical busts its first myth! Join us to learn more about the infant voice and why they can scream for hours on end without damage.

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The Owner’s Manual to the Voice, by Rachael Gates, L. Arick Forrest, Kerrie Obert


History of the Mix

Ever wonder where the belt, this whole idea of mix, came from? Erin Whitehead, the host of the podcast Braless, asked a question to inspire this episode of the history and evolution of the mixed voice. 

From opera to Broadway to rock and beyond, teaching the voice and how we use our voices have changed with the help of vocal pedagogy, science, and the incorporation of modern and new styles of music. Vocalogical sheds light on the mix and how it has developed over the past century!

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Voice Lesson 2: Sophia

And we're back with another voice lesson! Sophia joins us to demonstrate much of what we've talked about in Vocal Fry Part 2, applying exercises to find a mix and blend in her voice. She made great progress in this lesson alone, and continues to express better vocal balance and function with each passing week!

Unfortunately, due to a hectic July, voice lessons will be put on hold for the month. However, I would love to take this time to hear your thoughts on the past two voice lessons! Your opinions will help us bring you the best content on the voice and singing. 

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Vocal Fry Part 2

We're back with more Vocal Fry

Last week, we learned how fry is created. This week, we discuss how to use this sound to expand vocal range and balance, what styles of music it can be heard in, and how it can be used to rehabilitate damaged voices. Another listener question, why it's harder to sing notes in songs than it is in exercises, is also answered!

Coming up next is our voice lesson on Fryday! A student comes in to demonstrate these vocal fry exercises in real time, giving our ears a treat. And next week, we're having a talk on the mixed voice, which the singing world is enamored by.

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Vocal Fry Part 1

What is vocal fry anyway?!

We dig deep today with Vocalogical's newest episode! We learn how our voices are able to make this creaky, unique sound, we talk about conspiracies that swirl around this type of voice production, and we talk about some really nifty studies that were done on the subject matter.

Today is only the beginning! Next week, we have the second part of our focus on vocal fry, featuring exercises and theories, how fry has been used to rehabilitate voices, and how to use it to improve your own singing. 

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Voice Lesson 1: Mike

Vocalogical is back with our first voice lesson! Mike, who joined us on Wednesday for an interview, sings with us as we discuss many important concepts for singing health and technique. Volume, vowels, and extending range are only a few topics we dove into! Mike also offers his own feedback on the exercises we use and how he feels while vocalizing through them. 

Missed the interview with Mike? Go back an episode and enjoy! 

We'll be back on Wednesday to dig deep into vocal fry, which has proved to be a controversial topic for voice technique. Our next voice lesson will be released two weeks from now! 

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*My pupper, Fiona, makes a brief appearance at the end of the episode. She wanted to vocalize with us, which was sweet, but unfortunately, as it distracts from the singing itself, she won't be making another appearance.*